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    Welcome to Kindsor Collective! This is usually where companies explain their history, how they got started, all that boring stuff 💤 ... But that’s not really our style.

    Kindsor wouldn’t even exist without people like you, so why not make this an About You page? We’re here to make YOUR life easier, afterall. 

    First off ... can we talk about how stressful managing your organization is? 🫠

    You’re given an almost impossible task - create a custom shirt that works for an event, fits within your budget, and arrives in time. Not to mention finding a design that your ENTIRE group will love and want to wear! It can get a little overwhelming, to say the least.

    That’s where we come in! … Okay, so maybe this page is a little bit about us 🫣


    There’s a ton of options out there when it comes to t-shirt companies. You probably get reached out to ALL. THE. TIME. about ordering sorority merch. Not going to pretend that we’re the only choice, but we like to think we stand out with how EASY😌, FUN😋, and FAST🤯 the designing process is for you. 

    We truly 💗 helping people create shirts they love, and want YOU to enjoy the process as much as we do. The biggest factor that makes designing shirts not so fun? How long the ordering process can drag on. With your insane schedule, the LAST thing you should have to deal with is being left on read by a t-shirt company.

    That’s why at Kindsor, we won’t ghost you about your shirts 👻

    We’ll text you to keep you in the loop about the design process (because who checks their email anyway?) and wait until you are in love with how it looks before making it official 😍 Up until that point - everything’s FREE! Our average turnaround time for a proof is 1 day, and we’ll never ask you to pay.

    “I’ve used them for two years for my school shirts and WOW! Amazing service, amazing response time, amazing designs and quality, and amazing prices! I could not recommend them enough. Kindsor Collective is the only company I’ll use for t-shirts from now on.”

    - Sarah M, Washington Junior High


    Do you ever stress check a package’s tracking every 5 minutes, panicking that it won’t arrive in time? It's truly the worst feeling in the world 🙃

    We’ve all been there, but never when it comes to Kindsor t-shirts. You'll be able to pass out your custom merch to your group with PLENTY of time to spare.

    As soon as you confirm your order, we start printing! We strive to never miss a deadline, and have a near perfect record 💯 Our average turnaround time is 2 weeks, but we’ll do whatever we can to get them to you sooner if that’s what you need!

    You'll receive updates throughout the shipping process, letting you know when your custom tees will arrive. Finally no more waiting on the porch for the delivery guy to come, hoping your order makes it in time for your sorority event. Packed in high quality boxes, you'll be able to sleep well knowing your shirts will get to you in ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ condition!


    When you create a custom shirt for your group, it’s WAY more special that your average tee. Your organization's logo means something! It connects thousands of people from around the 🌎, no matter where you're from. When you see someone repping your group, you can’t help but feel connected to them 🥰

    And in this crazy world, that’s a pretty powerful thing💪 

    Because of that power, we want to help you create a shirt that perfectly shows off your group. One thing that can get in the way of that goal - unpredictable stock! With Kindsor, you won’t have to be constantly compromising your idea for what’s currently available.

    We have THOUSANDS of styles already in 🏠, meaning you won’t have to stress about delayed shipments or incorrect sizes from outside sources. We have all the fan favs ready to go - Comfort Colors, notch tees, henleys and so many more. You’ll be able to get your ✨dream design✨ on the highest quality styles without having to stress! Ordering shirts has literally never been easier.


    Here at Kindsor, we strive to make your job easier in any way we can. That means - quick communication 🤩, short turnaround times, and high quality styles. It takes a village to create the perfect tee for your group, and we love being a part of that process!

    We’ll never ask you to “insert your name here,” or leave you hanging on your design. We know how much shirts mean to the group, and we'll never ask you to settle on something you aren’t 100% in love💗 with. Everyone deserves the shirts of their dreams, and we’re here to make that a reality!

    Ready to order shirts in the easiest way possible? Let’s get started! 

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